Where Can Spider Veins Show Up on the Body?

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Spider veins are small red veins that can look like tree branches or spider webs. These veins are usually seen under the skin and do not cause your skin to bulge. While these veins are not dangerous, they can be aesthetically displeasing. Dr. Adam B. Bodian can help diagnose and treat these veins. Schedule a consultation with Bodian Dermatology and Medical Day Spa in Great Neck, NY to learn more about how spider veins can affect you.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small veins, smaller than varicose veins, that can typically be seen just under the skin. These veins can appear anywhere on your body, such as your chest, ankles, face, and legs, but are most common on the legs and face. Spider veins are caused by damaged valves within your veins that prevent your blood from running normally. Risk factors for spider veins include family history, sitting or standing for long periods, weight, pregnancy, age, hormones, and other conditions. There is no specific thing you can do to help prevent this condition, but exercising and losing weight to keep you healthy can help to prevent new spider veins from forming. If you need treatment for spider veins, contact Bodian Dermatology and Medical Day Spa in Great Neck, NY.

What are possible treatments for spider veins?

Dr. Bodian offers many different treatments for spider veins, including laser vein removal and sclerotherapy. These therapies focus on reducing the appearance of spider veins.

  • Laser Vein Removal: This is a nonsurgical treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of spider veins by closing the walls of the vein. You may be able to see results within two weeks.

  • Sclerotherapy: This treatment works by inserting a small needle into your vein and inserting a sclerosing solution. This solution helps to remove or reduce the appearance of spider veins.

No matter which treatment you choose, Dr. Bodian can help you achieve the aesthetic look you would like, one virtually free of pesky spider veins. Our office can help you find the best plan for your goals.

Frequently asked questions

How common are spider veins? Over 80 million Americans suffer from spider veins, and while more women generally suffer from this disease, half of the people over 50 will have this condition.

Are spider veins and varicose veins the same? Many people confuse these two conditions; however, they are two separate conditions. Spider veins are generally much less painful than varicose veins and protrude from the skin less.

Can spider veins go away without treatment? Spider veins will not usually go away on their own unless they developed during pregnancy. However, these veins rarely cause any issues.

Where can I get treatment for spider veins in Great Neck, NY?

Spider veins can appear anywhere on your body but usually appear on your face and legs. These veins are generally not harmful, but they can cause you to dislike your appearance. Our office offers multiple types of treatments for spider veins to best suit your needs. Dr. Adam B. Bodian can help you find the right treatment plan to fit your specific goals and needs. Contact Bodian Dermatology and Medical Day Spa in Great Neck, NY for a full consultation on the state of your aesthetic goals and needs.

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