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What is a Cyst?

Cysts are very common among the general population and are typically noncancerous. They appear as sac-like cavities that are usually filled with dead skin. They can occur anywhere on the human body and in all shapes and sizes, feeling similar to a pea-sized lesion below the skin. Although most cysts do not cause harm or pain, some may grow to become worrisome for patients. Cysts that are larger in size usually are removed and sent for biopsy to be certain they are in fact benign. Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY treats a variety of cysts under the guidance of founding dermatologist Dr. Adam Bodian. Our staff can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment plan according to your medical needs and history.

What causes the formation of a cyst?

There are a number of factors that may result in a cyst. Severe infection, tumors, and significant illness or disease are just a couple of afflictions that may cause cysts to form. Cysts can also develop near a foreign object or piercing within the outer skin, like earrings, or because of a clogged oil gland within the skin. Although the vast majority of cysts are benign, some might be cancerous. We will do a comprehensive analysis to achieve a diagnosis regarding the cause of your cyst and will create a treatment plan to eliminate it and prevent future growth.

Symptoms of a Cyst

Standard symptoms associated with cysts vary based upon the dimensions and location of their growths. In most cases, cysts are detected through an abnormal lump beneath the skin. Some bumps could be painful, particularly if they become inflamed or rupture, though others could be visible but painless. Another symptom associated with cysts is the hardening of skin near the growth. Larger cysts can have specific symptoms, like the moving of organs, physical disfigurement, and emotional distress. Small cysts, which are the most common kind, often don't have other indications of continuing growth.

Treatment Options for cyst removal

A variety of treatment alternatives are available at Bodian Dermatology if you're experiencing cysts. Standard treatment for cysts involves draining of the growth or eliminating the cyst through a surgical procedure. Cysts that are inflamed often respond well to a cortisone injection, which will cause shrinkage in size. The great thing is that most kinds of cysts can be efficiently treated once a proper diagnosis is established.

Cysts FAQ

Will a cyst go away on its own?
Certain types of cysts will not go away on their own. You should seek treatment for a cyst in order to evaluate the best option for you. If you are unsure of the type of cyst, it is best to seek medical attention at your earliest convenience.

When should I get treatment for a cyst?
You should seek treatment for a cyst if it begins to affect your everyday life. This could include if:

  • The cyst is in an area that is uncomfortable
  • It is enlarged or inflamed
  • It is causing symptoms, such as itching or bleeding
  • You dislike the appearance of the cyst

Can a cyst return after treatment?
If it is surgically removed, the chances of the cyst returning are extremely low. With effective treatment, there is not much likelihood of a cyst returning in the same spot.

Treatment for cysts

If you find yourself suffering from cysts and would like to obtain treatment, we welcome you to contact Bodian Dermatology to arrange an appointment. A thorough physical exam will be performed and also a treatment program recommended for efficient removal. Cysts often cause unnecessary anxiety so we encourage anyone who is feeling worried about a lump beneath the skin to seek advice by scheduling a consultation at our Great Neck, NY facility.

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