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What is Rosacea?

The skin condition known as rosacea, which causes the skin to appear red and inflamed, is usually seen across the cheeks and nose. It can often be mistaken for other skin ailments but may be treated and managed if diagnosed correctly. Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY utilizes several innovative solutions to lighten skin and decrease the signs of this chronic disease, including laser treatment with the Cutera® excel® V system. Rosacea can occur in almost anybody, but it is most common among middle-aged older women with light skin. Rosacea is a skin disease with no true cure, but it can be managed. When left untreated, it can worsen over the years, causing symptoms to persist and flare up for weeks. Dr. Adam Bodian will evaluate your skin for rosacea and create a custom treatment plan to keep the symptoms to a minimum.

What causes rosacea?

While the specific cause of the condition is unknown, Dr. Bodian believes that it's brought on by a combination of environmental and hereditary factors. People of Scandinavian or Celtic ancestry appear to have a greater prevalence of rosacea. Patients normally have other relatives who suffer from rosacea or severe acne. Individuals who are prone to have bad acne also have a greater risk of developing rosacea. Scientists believe that immune system overreactions can cause rosacea, especially when your immune system overreacts to a certain bacterium or a mite. These theories, however, have not been proven to be completely validated. Many elements can aggravate rosacea since they raise the blood circulation to the surface of the skin. These may include alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks, sun exposure, extreme temperatures, hot baths or showers, anxiety, embarrassment or anger, strenuous exercise, and certain medications.

what are Symptoms of Rosacea?

Signs of rosacea can vary from moderate to severe. The most obvious indication of rosacea is redness of the face. In most patients, the central portion of the face is obviously red. The blood vessels of the cheeks and nose may swell and be visible. Other signs include swollen and red bumps of the face that appear like acne. At times, the lumps contain a discharge. The skin may also feel tender and hot to the touch. Roughly half of rosacea sufferers have eye issues, such as dryness, irritation, and red, swollen eyelids. In rare situations, your nose will appear swollen because rosacea can cause the skin around the nose to thicken, which leads to a bulbous appearance.

How to Manage Rosacea

Though there is not currently a cure for rosacea, there are lots of treatment choices available, like antibiotics, which help with inflammation. You can use the medicine in a capsule form or as a cream, lotion, or gel. Pills tend to be much more successful in providing rapid results but can create more side effects. If antibiotics aren't effective, acne medications, like isotretinoin, have shown to work for many patients. If deemed appropriate, Dr. Bodian can provide laser therapy with excel V, an advanced laser treatment system that quickly and efficiently lightens areas of skin discoloration. You may need 4 – 6 sessions to achieve your best skin results.

Rosacea FAQ

Can rosacea go away on its own?
In most cases, rosacea requires treatment to help relieve symptoms. Depending on your individualized needs, Dr. Bodian can create a customized treatment plan that is ideal for you. If you are dealing with rosacea, it is best to seek medical attention, as it will most likely continue to get worse over time without treatment.

Can stress cause rosacea to flare up?
Yes, stress can cause rosacea to flare up. In order to avoid this, stress management techniques may be helpful. This could include getting plenty of rest, meditation, and/or exercise.

How do I know which rosacea treatment is right for me?
After a thorough consultation, Dr. Bodian will determine the best course of treatment for you. Your treatment option may vary depending on the severity of your rosacea. You may also need to schedule follow-up appointments so that your treatment plan can be adjusted if needed.

Restore Your Self-Esteem

Rosacea not only creates physical symptoms but also psychological ones as patients are often anxious in public and avoid social situations because of the redness. If you believe you may have rosacea, please contact Bodian Dermatology to schedule an appointment so you can put the worry behind you. Our staff is knowledgeable about innovative remedies and can offer hope and help.

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