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What are Skin Tags?

Around a quarter of adults have little benign tumors called skin tags. These flesh-colored skin growths (also called acrochordon) are harmless and can range from a bump the size of a pinhead to the size of a pencil eraser. Though skin tags don't need medical attention, you may want tags removed if they create irritation if they rub against clothing. You might also think about having a skin tag treated if it's in a visible location, such as your eyelid or another area of your face. To remove a skin tag, schedule a consultation with founding dermatologist Dr. Adam Bodian at Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags are so common that it's reported that one in four adults have them. Tags on the skin typically grow from friction created by skin rubbing against clothing or skin. They commonly develop under the arms, on the chest, neck, eyelids, and in the groin folds. In women, skin tags can also develop under the breasts. Tags can develop more often if you are obese or as you get older. Additionally, hormone elevations during pregnancy may also result in an increase in the formation of tags.

Skin Tag Symptoms

Skin tags are either brown or flesh-colored. They may vary in size from 1 mm to around the size of a grape. The growth might be wrinkled or smooth, and most are attached to the skin with a small stem. Skin tags shouldn't cause pain, and they're not contagious. If the skin tag gets cut off from the blood supply, it can turn black or red.

Treatment Options for Your Tags

Skin tags usually don't require medical treatment, but you might want them removed. Skin tags can get trapped in clothes or jewelry, which may lead to irritation, redness, and even bleeding. You might also want to remove them for cosmetic reasons if they are on your face or another visible area. To take off a skin tag, Dr. Bodian can perform a surface layer excision. Other treatment options include burning or freezing the tag.

Skin Tags FAQ

Can skin tags be dangerous?
Typically, skin tags are harmless and benign. However, they can become painful and unsightly. In this case, you may want to seek treatment at Bodian Dermatology for optimal treatment options.

Can a skin tag grow back after removal?
If properly excised, a skin tag should not grow back in the same area. It is possible that skin tags can begin to develop in other areas of your skin. Talk with our team to learn more about the best skin tag treatment for your needs.

How do I know when I need to have a skin tag removed?
If a skin tag is causing pain or getting caught on clothing, you may want to consider having it removed. Skin tags may also make you feel self-conscious, and you may desire removal for aesthetic reasons. In most cases, skin tags only need to be removed if they are causing discomfort or cosmetic concerns.

Cut the Tag Off

For skin tags that are irritating or unattractive, Dr. Bodian will help assess and eliminate them. There are many possibilities for skin tag removal that Dr. Bodian can discuss before making your custom treatment plan. Bodian Dermatology invites you to get in touch with our Great Neck, NY office to schedule your consultation for skin tag removal.

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