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About Laser Scar Treatment

Dr Bodian's favorite baby...Scars are a very common skin issue that may be located anywhere on the body. In some cases, a scar is an unwanted reminder of an old wound or some other issue that damaged the skin. While most scars aren't problematic, certain scars are unappealing, unsightly and painful. They can be too big or too wide, bumpy, dark, recessed, or raised. Based on where the scar is located and its condition, lasers can improve the appearance of scars. If you feel self-conscious or are experiencing pain or pulling from scars on your body, Dr. Adam Bodian provides the newest laser treatments using a combination of fractional, non-ablative fractional, vascular, pigment lasers and RF microneedling sometimes combined with laser assisted medical delivery, to help improve the appearance and symptoms of scars. We invite you to contact Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY to schedule a consultation.

What Are the Types of Scars?

There are many types of scars. The type you have can determine the surgical technique to treat it. The most frequent scars Dr. Bodian treats are:

  • Superficial Scars
    The subtlest type, superficial scars do not cause any issue other than a blemished appearance.
  • Keloid Scars
    Keloid scars are larger in size and can be sometimes painful. The skin surrounding the scar is typically discolored and grows past the borders of the original wound.
  • Hypertrophic Scars
    This type of scar can also be large. They may be thicker and grow bigger in time; however, they don't commonly grow beyond the original wound borders.
  • Contracture Scars
    A contracture scar is deemed more complicated as it develops over a greater area of skin. A burn is one example of this type of scar. Many times, a contracture scar feels tight and also restricts movement in some patients.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Scar Treatment?

If you're worried about a scar or scarring on your body or face, a laser scar procedure can help you attain clearer, smoother skin. Laser scar revision treatment in Great Neck, NY at Bodian Dermatology can substantially minimize the presence of scars with several significant benefits, such as:

  • Treats nearly all types of scars
  • Produces a brighter, softer complexion
  • Treats scars on the face and body
  • Minimizes even harsh or large scars
  • Refines complexion
  • Attends to disfigurement
  • Lessens discomfort and pain
  • Enhances confidence and self-image

who Are Ideal Candidates for Scar Removal?

Patients who have a scar that they find unsightly, bothersome, or embarrassing may want to learn more about laser scar removal. It is critical for patients at Bodian Dermatology who get a scar revision procedure to be aware that while this treatment may improve the physical appearance of the scar and reduce its size, it will not make it fully disappear. The type of procedure chosen will depend on where the scar is located, the type of scar it is, and the depth, size, and shape.

How is Laser Scar Removal is performed?

During your consultation, Dr. Bodian will determine a personalized treatment plan based on the type of scar you have, along with its size, appearance, and location. When you come to Bodian Dermatology for your laser scar procedure, we will make sure you are comfortable in one of our private treatment rooms before cleaning the treatment area and applying a numbing cream. The length and number of treatments will vary based on the size of the scar(s) being treated.

What to Expect AFter Your Laser Treatment

Following laser scar revision treatment, we will apply ointment to your treated skin along with bandages to help protect the area. You can expect redness, sensitivity, and swelling. You could also feel a sunburned sensation and experience slight scabbing. It is important to follow aftercare instructions carefully to expedite the healing process. Many patients notice that their scar looks lighter, smaller, and thinner after one treatment. Dr. Bodian will let you know as multiple sessions are needed based on your cosmetic goals. Please remember that the scar cannot be fully eliminated; however, most scar revision procedures can create a softer, more natural appearance.

Laser Scar Treatment FAQs

How many laser-based scar treatments are recommended?

Everyone has unique skin, which means there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, most people require 4 – 6 sessions to achieve the most effective results possible. A consultation at Bodian Dermatology is the best way to determine how many appointments are needed for your case.

How soon can you get laser scar treatment following a wound?

Dr. Bodian will need to examine the scar and assess your healing progress before scheduling treatment. Of course, the wound needs to be completely healed and free of infections beforehand. Our goal is to ensure smoother, scar-free skin while avoiding complications.

Is laser scar treatment a painful procedure?

Many people in Great Neck, NY find laser-based scar treatments to only cause slight discomfort. Factors that influence the amount of pain you feel include the size and extent of the scar, the location of the scar, and your ability to tolerate pain. Talk to us about your concerns and we will find a way to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Improve Your Scar's Appearance

When you have an unwanted scar that bothers you, Bodian Dermatology has laser treatments to make it less noticeable. After examining the shape, size, type, and depth of scar you have, a revision plan can be developed to help improve its appearance. Using nonsurgical treatments, Dr. Bodian will adjust the scar and surrounding skin for a more natural and normal appearance. We invite you to contact Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY to schedule your scar treatment consultation.

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