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What is Molluscum?

Molluscum contagiosum (a rash of bumps on the skin that may become irritated and spread fast) may be an embarrassing, unattractive viral infection to contract, but the good news is you may block the spread of the disease. Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY can provide you or your child with a private skin consultation to determine if what you have is indeed molluscum. There are no medications that can cure this illness, and it is highly contagious. Dr. Adam Bodian can, however, offer you instructions about the best way to treat the symptoms, remove the lesions, and also restrict the spread of the infection. Patients of any age can experience this unfortunate viral infection. It takes a while to heal, but know that it will not remain inside your system forever. Let us check your skin so we can give useful recommendations on the ideal approach to take care of your condition.

Causes of Molluscum

Molluscum is a viral disease that can be spread readily by skin-to-skin contact, or by coming in contact with objects that have been subjected to this virus (shared toys, sports gear, articles of clothes, etc.). Adults and children of any age are at risk of contracting molluscum. Itching, scrubbing, rubbing, and/or shaving the region may cause this viral disease to become worse or the bumps to multiply on the surrounding skin. Molluscum can also be passed between sexual partners and can sometimes show up on the genitals, on the inside of the upper thighs, and on the stomach of the infected patient.

Molluscum Symptoms

An itchy, red rash is the primary symptom of molluscum contagiosum. The bumps will appear mostly on your face, neck, arms (particularly in the crevices of the armpits), and around the top of your hands. Signs of the infection include:

  • Round, raised bumps on your skin that could be red (inflamed), or skin-colored with a small dot in the center
  • The bumps are very small in diameter
  • The rash triggers an irritating, itchy rash on the skin
  • The infected bumps could be full of a white pus

Treatment Options

It is ideal to speak with an expert before trying home remedies or over-the-counter medications that treat only the observable symptoms. You may actually make the infection worse. At Bodian Dermatology, we can treat your molluscum infection with three fundamental techniques:

  • Scraping (curettage): This entails removing the affected bumps from the skin. This won't cure the disease or stop the virus. Scraping could be painful (particularly for young children).
  • Freezing (cryotherapy): Using liquid nitrogen, Dr. Bodian can freeze off each bump of skin that is infected. This might take a few sessions with multiple applications to achieve the intended result.
  • Cautery: We can use heat to remove the visible portion of each bump, which will also require several sessions for effective elimination of the rash. This doesn't prevent new bumps from forming.

Molluscum FAQ

What happens if molluscum is left untreated?
In some cases, molluscum can go away on its own. However, in other cases, it can take years for the symptoms of molluscum to go away without treatment. Our team at Bodian Dermatology recommends seeking treatment as soon as you notice symptoms of molluscum in order to better treat the condition.

Can you get molluscum twice?
It is possible to get molluscum twice. Having the disease again will cause new bumps to appear on the skin. It is important to treat molluscum initially and follow your personalized treatment to ensure the disease does not come back.

How do I know which molluscum treatment is right for me?
During a thorough consultation, Dr. Bodian will evaluate your condition and determine which treatment option is ideal for you. Your treatment options may vary depending on how long your condition has been present and your current symptoms. We can also make adjustments when necessary to your treatment plan.

Seek Clear Skin Today

At our practice, we aim to help you seek relief for your viral skin condition with personalized treatment. Molluscum can clear on its own once the virus has run its course, but it can be painful, become exacerbated on your entire body, or scar the skin. Contact us today for a personal consultation, and we will do our very best to minimize the effect of this infection.

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