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About Earlobe Repair

Earlobes that have been ripped, torn, elongated, or stretched due to heavy earrings or trauma can be repaired at Bodian Dermatology. Using earlobe repair surgery, dermatologist Dr. Adam Bodian can fix any ear damage you may have incurred. Our surgical earlobe repair is simple and can be performed in the comfort of our office under local anesthesia without a lengthy procedure or downtime. For patients seeking a more youthful earlobe appearance, we have fillers available to plump and smooth your earlobes. In addition, Dr. Bodian performs medical ear piercing for his patients. If you are concerned about the appearance of your ears, or you or your child would like to have your ears pierced safely in a medical setting, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Great Neck, NY office.

who are Ideal Candidates For Earlobe Repair?

Cosmetic earlobe repair is ideal for patients of any age; however, it is usually done on patients who have a torn earlobe from a traumatic accident, an earring, or a gauged ear. If you need to fix the appearance of your earlobe, Dr. Bodian and his talented staff can perform surgery or filler injections on-site in our facility. Whether you're looking to repair a small tear or a larger injury, we can help you attain the natural-looking results you are seeking. For medical ear piercing, we advise that children be seven years or older. This allows the ear to grow big enough for correct earring positioning and ensures your child is old enough to sit still during piercing and perform instructed aftercare.

how does Earlobe Repair work?

Earlobe repair surgery is performed safely under local anesthesia to numb the area. During surgery, the cartilage on one or both ears will be sutured back together to close up and mend the area(s). Once surgically corrected, the ears will be bandaged so they can heal properly. If you are having your earlobes plumped with a dermal filler, such as JUVÉDERM, Dr. Bodian or a member of his team will clean the injection site before placing injections around the perimeter of your earlobe, adding volume, youthfulness, and strength to your ear.

For a medical ear piercing, we will clean the piercing site and apply topical anesthesia to minimize discomfort. Next, our trained technician will perform the piercing in both ears using a medical-grade, disposable cartridge. This may involve a stinging or pinching sensation, but it is short-lived.

What to Expect After Earlobe Treatment

When the procedure is complete and it is safe to leave our office, we will send you home to rest and recover. Dr. Bodian or a team member will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your (or your child's) ears following surgery or piercing. In general, you should maintain an upright position and avoid laying on the ears for a few days. Dr. Bodian will let you know if follow-up visits are needed to assess the healing of your ears. If you received a dermal filler only, you can return to your normal routine following injections. You can expect to see improvements to your ears within about  7 – 10 days, and results typically last up to one year. 

Earlobe Repair FAQ

Is earlobe repair a painful procedure?

Earlobe repair is performed under local anesthesia, so patients typically do not experience pain during the procedure. Some mild discomfort or soreness may be present after the anesthesia wears off, but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

What is the recovery process like after earlobe repair?

The recovery process after earlobe repair is relatively straightforward. Patients may experience mild swelling, bruising, or tenderness at the surgical site, which typically resolves within a few days to a week. Sutures are usually removed after 1 – 2 weeks, and patients can usually return to normal activities shortly thereafter.

Can I re-pierce my ears after earlobe repair?

In most cases, patients can re-pierce their ears after earlobe repair once the surgical site has fully healed, which typically takes several weeks. It's essential to wait until the earlobe is fully healed and consult our team at Bodian Dermatology to ensure the procedure is performed safely and effectively.

Restore your lobes With Earlobe Repair

Although your ears are a small feature on your face, torn or ripped earlobes can make a noticeable difference in your appearance. Earlobe repair surgery can help you feel more confident about the appearance of your ears. With cosmetic options available to alter your earlobe, like dermal fillers and medical ear piercing, we can help you attain the look you desire. Contact Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY to schedule your earlobe treatment consultation with Dr. Bodian.

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