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About Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Dermatologist Dr. Adam Bodian offers his patients laser skin rejuvenation treatments using targeted light beams to tighten and enhance the appearance of skin. This nonsurgical treatment is beneficial for addressing fine lines and wrinkles and for improving skin irregularities, including scars, age and sun spots, rosacea and acne. Also known as a laser peel or laser facial, our laser skin rejuvenation programs utilize several lasers to attain young healthy natural skin.  The  Cutera  PICO Genesis™, Laser Genesis, and/or excel V, fractional ablative and non ablative lasers are combined to deliver a clearer, younger-looking complexion. This popular treatment works well for all skin types, including darker or sensitive skin. Our laser treatments are easily done in combination with chemical peels or microneedling to enhance your skin rejuvenation results. Contact Bodian Dermatology in Great Neck, NY to schedule your consultation.

What are the Benefits Of Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation in Great Neck, NY at Bodian Dermatology offers several great benefits to revitalize the health and appearance of your skin, including:

  • Offers customizable nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment options
  • Reduces lines, wrinkles, and creases
  • Diminishes skin discoloration, spots, veins, and more
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Balances and brightens the complexion
  • Lessens the appearance of acne scars
  • Results are long-lasting
  • Recovery time is short

Laser skin rejuvenation Treatment Options

As part of the Cutera family of lasers, PICO Genesis, Laser Genesis, and excel V are non-ablative. Rather than removing any skin, they create micro-damage to spur the body's natural healing mechanism. Our experienced staff can adjust each Cutera laser treatment based on your unique skin care needs. PICO Genesis lasers work well to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, delivering smooth results in just a few sessions compared to other laser systems. Both excel V and Laser Genesis utilize Nd:YAG technology, which can penetrate deeper into the skin to treat rosacea, acne, spider veins, and other pigmentation problems. 

who are candidates for laser skin rejuvenation?

Noninvasive laser skin rejuvenation works well for patients who:

  • Deal with skin flaws, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, rosacea, melasma and/or scars
  • Are unhappy with their general complexion
  • Want to treat the appearance of skin without surgery
  • Are willing to wait a few months for full results
  • Want natural-looking, long-lasting outcomes

What to expect during laser skin rejuvenation

We may recommend using certain medical grade skin care products for a few weeks prior to your laser treatment. This prepares your skin for better results and promotes healing. Once you are relaxed in one of our private treatment rooms, you will feel the heat on your skin as the technician glides the laser over the body, promoting dead skin removal and collagen production. The length of your procedure will vary, depending on the size of the treatment area. We will let you know how many sessions you will need to achieve your ideal results.

what is recovery like following laser skin rejuvenation?

After your laser treatment,The treated areas may be mildly red, inflamed, or irritated, which should clear up in a few days. .  Rarely your skin can crust, flake, and peel for just a couple of days or up to one week. It is important to protect your skin from UV exposure during healing. Once the peeling is complete, your skin will feel softer and look clearer and younger. It may take a few months to see your full results as your skin continues to generate collagen.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation FAQ

Is laser skin rejuvenation suitable for all skin types?

Advancements in laser technology have broadened the range of safe and effective procedures for different skin types. It's imperative to consult with our team at Bodian Dermatology to identify the most suitable treatment for your skin type and concerns, ensuring the procedure's safety and effectiveness.

What skin concerns can laser skin rejuvenation address?

Laser skin rejuvenation can address a range of skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, uneven skin tone, acne scars, and vascular issues like redness and broken capillaries. The specific laser and settings chosen will depend on the desired outcomes and the patient's unique skin conditions.

Is laser skin rejuvenation painful?

The level of discomfort during laser skin rejuvenation varies depending on the type of laser and individual pain tolerance. Most procedures involve minimal discomfort. Topical anesthesia or numbing cream may be applied before the procedure to further minimize any potential discomfort.

A Softer, Clearer Complexion

If you want to smooth blemishes, tighten your skin, and take years off your appearance, with almost no down time, consider a laser skin treatment at Bodian Dermatology. With top-of-the-line laser technologies by Cutera, we can help you attain the beautiful complexion you desire. Contact Dr. Bodian and his team in Great Neck, NY to learn more about our laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

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