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What is cellulite Treatment?

If you have cellulite, it can be difficult to maintain a smooth, even feel to your skin. And contrary to popular belief, no one is truly immune to the lumpy, dimpled tissue that develops in the buttocks and thighs. To address this cosmetic concern, Bodian Dermatology offers nonsurgical cellulite treatments, Ultherapy®, and RADIESSE®. Our cellulite reduction treatments are ideal to temporarily relieve your skin from the appearance of cellulite. Ultherapy harnesses the power of ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen production while RADIESSE is an injectable dermal filler that plumps and softens the appearance of your skin. Theses treatments can be used separately or in custom combinations based on your unique skin rejuvenation needs. With these options, many different areas of your body can be treated. Our founding dermatologist, Dr. Adam Bodian, is experienced in performing these proven noninvasive cellulite reduction treatments for his patients in Great Neck, NY. Contact our office today for a consultation.

What are the Benefits of Cellulite Treatment?

There are many reasons people turn to state-of-the-art cellulite treatment at Bodian Dermatology. Our noninvasive procedures improve skin tone and texture, reduce the appearance of dimpled skin, and provide smoother, younger-looking skin you love. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved skin elasticity and firmness
  • Increased collagen production for healthy skin
  • Longer-lasting results than topical creams or gels
  • Noticeable improvement with just one session
  • Quick and easy treatments with no downtime
  • Natural-looking outcomes that make you feel confident

Can Cellulite Treatment Help Me?

WEO, Ultherapy, and RADIESSE, whether performed separately or in combination, are safe for virtually all skin types to smooth the look of cellulite. Cellulite mostly occurs in women, typically resulting from pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, sedentary lifestyle, poor blood circulation, and/or an increased genetic likelihood of developing cellulite. We recommend cellulite treatment for average to overweight patients who suffer from unsightly cellulite in the upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, pelvic region, lower limbs, or hips.

Cellulite reduction Techniques

At Bodian Dermatology, we will make sure you are comfortable in one of our private treatment rooms prior to performing your cellulite treatment session. For Ultherapy, a handheld device using focused energy from ultrasound waves will glide over the selected areas of your body, which generally takes around 30 – 90 minutes. After your treatment, you can expect some initial redness and swelling on your skin.

If you are having RADIESSE injections, our practitioner will carefully mark the dimples before injecting the RADIESSE into the treatment area. You may feel mild discomfort at the first prick. Once the procedure is finished, you can minimize swelling and bruising on the treated areas with a cold compress.

What to Expect After Cellulite Treatment

Most patients experience virtually no downtime after cellulite treatment so you can expect to go right back to your normal day. During your consultation, Dr. Bodian will discuss whether Ultherapy, RADIESSE, or a combination is needed to attain your cosmetic goals. Because both of these treatments are forms of collagen induction therapy, you will continue to see your results develop over time as collagen generates under your skin. Dr. Bodian will let you know if multiple cellulite treatments are needed to maintain your best results.

Cellulite Treatment FAQ

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is related to fat cells and connecting cords beneath your epidermis. It is usually present in overt locations, including the thighs, abdomen, and bottom. Cellulite can be found in slim as well as overweight individuals. While the root is unknown, many researchers hypothesize cellulite is the result of variables like age, genetics, and diet.

Are cellulite treatments painful?

Procedures are not painful but may be noticeable if you are bothered by a little pressure on your skin. However, we can administer topical anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout your treatment. Most of our patients at Bodian Dermatology say they feel a heating sensation during the session.

How can I heal more quickly from cellulite treatment?

Nonsurgical cellulite reduction means that patients will likely heal relatively fast after the treatment. Although you are normally able to return to daily activities promptly, we recommend staying away from rigorous exercises for a short length of time. This will ensure that patients recover properly.

Time to Banish Cellulite

With our noninvasive treatments, you can decrease your unwanted cellulite in just a few sessions. Bodian Dermatology offers Ultherapy, and RADIESSE, separately or in combination, to firm and smooth stubborn areas of cellulite. We encourage you to contact us in Great Neck, NY to learn more. Dr. Bodian and his experienced team look forward to helping you increase your confidence with cellulite treatments.

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